Group Meetings

Group Meetings take place on Fridays at 1:30pm on the zoom link:  When in person, the Group Meets take place in Riddick 400P.

The links below are talks from the past year:

Chueng Ji's Presentations

Bailing Ma's Presentations

Patrick Barry's Presentations

Andrew Lundeen's Presentations

Deepasika Dayananda's Presentations

Ramkumar Radhakrishnan's Presentations

Shaswat Tiwari's Presentations

Hariprashad Ravikumar's Presentations

Yongwoo Choi's Presentations

Marston Copeland's Presentations

Binbin Liu's Presentations

Ping Wang's Presentation

Alex Pang's Presentation

Sarah Field's Presentation

Kirill Semenov's Presentation

Gwangho Kim's Presentations

For talks more than a year ago, visit this Google Drive: